A person who hopes for or seeks the removal of some dangerous or unpleasant feature from his or her neighborhood. — GOOMBYism ( noun. The attitude of such a person.
Example Citation:
The city is trying to raise taxes and it is trying to harass a legitimate business that an environmentally correct City Council finds offensive. The appellate judge coined a new phrase to describe what council members are doing: GOOMBYism. He refers to NIMBYism — the Not In My Back Yard sentiment that drives many political decisions. ''The present case, by the same token, may be described as GOOMBYism for 'get out of my back yard,' or at least, 'if you stay here, you're going to pay for it.'''
— "H.B. tax scam," The Orange County Register, February 18, 2002
Earliest Citation:
NIMBY has been joined by other acrimonious acronyms of the waste wars: GOOMBY (Get Out of My Backyard), LULU (Locally Undesirable Land Use) and NIMEY (Not in My Election Year).
— Melinda Beck, "Buried Alive," Newsweek, November 27, 1989
As the above citation mentions, this word is based on an acronym for the phrase Get Out Of My Back Yard. This makes it very similar in tone to NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard), although the latter has become so popular that it's now fully in the linguistic mainstream (it's even in some dictionaries).
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